Allianz Well : Adding another layer of protection to supplement your HMO coverage

By: Geno B. Manhilot
07/13/2019 1:47 pm (Manila Time)


Affording to be hospitalized and get treatment at your own expense is a luxury that most of us cannot afford. Good thing we have access to health cards such as HMOs, but what if your HMO coverage isn’t enough? Where will you get that extra funds to compensate? Nowadays we see hospital bills balloon into 6 to 7 figures. And at most, our HMO coverage on average is between 50 k to 200 k.


Getting sick in this decade is more expensive compared to the previous decades combined. A part of it is because of the scientific advances and instruments we are enjoying, but also a part of this can also be attributed to the unhealthy lifestyle that we are getting used to.

According to DOH, the 3 leading causes of death here in the Philippines are:

“diseases of the heart, diseases of the vascular system, pneumonias, malignant neoplasms/cancers, all forms of tuberculosis, accidents, COPD and allied conditions, diabetes mellitus, nephritis/nephritic syndrome and other diseases of respiratory system.”

And of course if we're to base our observations on the current events, the number of new COVID-19 cases is still rising not to mention the deaths per capita.

Adding another layer of protection

As your insurance broker, it is our duty to prepare you for the possibility of something bad that can happen. And if indeed something bad does indeed happen, you and your family are protected financially.

Let me introduce ALLIANZ WELL, a health plan that can give you a 100 million pesos annual benefit limit.

With ALLIANZ WELL, you get to have access to medical expense coverage that you won’t normally get in an average HMO plan.

Summary of Coverage

Let’s breakdown ALLIANZ WELL’s 6 main coverage
  1. Essential Benefits

    A. Cancer - FULL COVER

    B. Dialysis - FULL COVER

    C. Organ transplant - FULL COVER

  2. IP (In patient) and Day Care Benefits

    A. Hospital accomodation - FULL COVER

    B. Hospital charges - FULL COVER

    C. Day care treatment - FULL COVER

  3. Supplementary Benefits

    A. Complication of pregnancy - FULL COVER

    B. Psychiatric treatment - UP TO 30,000.00 Php

    C. Nursing care at home - UP TO 30,000.00 Php

    D. Rehabilitation treatment - UP TO 30,000.00 Php

  4. Emergency Benefits

    A. Local ambulance - FULL COVER

    B. Emergency accidental out-patient treatment - FULL COVER

    C. Emergency Dental Treatment - FULL COVER

    D. Emergency Treatment Outside Area of Cover - FULL COVER

  5. Med Evac & Repatriation Benefits

    A. Medical Evacuation - UP TO 10,000,000

    B. Medical Repatriation - UP TO 10,000,000

    C. Repatriation of Mortal Remains - UP TO 10,000,000

    D. Travel Expense for 1 Companion - UP TO 10,000,000

    E. Travel Expense for Insured's Children - UP TO 10,000,000

  6. Additional Services

    A. 2nd Opinion and TeleMedicine - (EXPERT OPINION & TELEMEDICINE SERVICE)

    B. Health Screening

    C. Vaccination

    D. Dental

    E. Gym & Yoga

    F. Vision

    G. Nutrition Counseling

  1. Any individual whose Country of Residence is the Philippines
  2. Application age up to age 70, renewable up to age 99
  3. Area of cover is worldwide except USA


Rates are subject to evaluation as this will be based on your age and lifestyle.

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