Many Filipinos usually ignore fire safety until it’s too late. Doing house checks before going away from home is important and necessary to protect your family from a potential disaster. And for that, we listed common household mistakes that you should keep an eye on:

Faulty Electrical Wiring
Yes, we always hear this every time fire news flashes on TV, but it happens. Overloading an extension cord beyond its capacity could cause a short circuit and then eventually spark fire. Moreover, cheap electrical equipment are in danger to overheat quickly and then explode. So, make sure to buy electrical equipment you could trust, and then use them properly.

Overnight Charging
Do not charge your cellphone, or any other electrical gadget, overnight. Once the gadget becomes fully charged, excess energy it receives will cause it to overheat, and then start fire. There have been many cases of deaths due to an explosion from overly charged gadget. So, only use original batteries or chargers. They may be expensive, but this cost will be nothing if your house burned down with all your other luxuries.

Unattended Kitchen Equipment
Always keep in mind to turn off the LPG, the stove, and other kitchen equipment after using them. If you’re the forgetful one, there’s no harm in putting up notes on the cupboard about it. This way, you can prevent incidents such as gas leak, which, as you know when exposed to fire, could cause a building to blow up.

However little, a cigarette ember still can cause a great fire disaster. Unattended cigarette placed near a combustible material, like cloth, is a threat to your safety. For smokers, practice using a deep, fireproof ashtray. Make sure to extinguish the cigarette completely afterwards. For non-smokers, assign a smoking area in the house, where cigarette embers could not ignite anything.

Leaving an Open Fire
Romantic candle-light dinners are surely sweet. But it wouldn’t if it will burn down your house afterwards. Be extra careful when using open fires and put them out after use. Store away fire igniters like matchsticks and lighters; keep them out of reach of children. Also, if you’re going to leave your candles outside, make sure to isolate them from flammable materials. Ready a bucket of water nearby just in case.

Your property is probably your most valuable investment, so it makes sense to protect your biggest financial asset. That’s why GIBCO offers a security that could ensure your family’s safety and well-being in case of these accidents.