A message from our CEO & President

By: Mr. Rolando Pierre A. Valenciano
September 2, 2020

Dear Gibco Family,

Greetings of good health!

This month of September 2020, we are now on our 6th month of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has affected our families, our communities, our organization and ourselves. We at Gibco has been occupied for the past 5 months safeguarding our employees’ welfare via work-from-home arrangement while ensuring uninterrupted service and protection to our customers/clients.

Gibco management would like to endorse our employees’ hard work, patience and dedication not to mention the sacrifice of the day-to-day grind due to this crisis. I am personally grateful that despite this Covid-19 prevailing all over the country, our Gibco family is still negative of its deadly effects.

Let us do our best to continue being safe and healthy plus meeting the expectations of our shareholders with lending-hand to achieve this guiding principle: Gibco at your service.

Thank you everyone for the support and let us work together for a better and brighter tomorrow.

God bless us all!