New Year, New You

Keith Ivan Veracruz
December 23, 2020

It’s been 9 months since the quarantine started, and a lot of things has happened this year that some of us are still in the process of adjusting. This circumstance also has changed some people, whether is good or bad. As the saying goes, “The Only Thing that is Permanent is CHANGE.”

And as the new year is only a few days away, we can use the last remaining days and the coming new year to motivate ourselves to change for a better person.

Change for yourself

In order for us to be a better person, we should first acknowledge that we have flaws, we make mistakes and we still have a lot of things to improve. Accepting your flaws is the first step to improving yourself.

I remember when I was still with my first job, I was a probationary at that time. As an introvert, I had a very difficult time working as a Trainer, I was too shy, to timid and very anxious to speak in front of a crowd. Then after three (3) months, my then manager talked to me about my performance as a Trainer, she told me truth, I was too timid, and very anxious and a lot other things, and she told me that if I don’t improve myself as a person, as an individual, I will never be a good trainer. At first, it was hard for me to accept that, I thought that “why should I change who I am?”, but after thinking about what my then manager told me, I realized that she was right, I felt her sincerity and concern for me as individual and as a professional, and eventually I learned to accept that I still have things to improve, I still have things to learn.

I carried that lesson throughout my tenure at my first job and I eventually became on of the best trainers, to a point that trainees would always ask me if I was going to be their trainer and they would want me to be their trainer, and they constantly thank me for training them. That is one of the reasons why I continue to pursue the profession of a trainer, the fulfillment of sharing the knowledge with people, the appreciation you receive from them and how grateful they are for what you have done for them.

Even today, I still carry the lesson my previous manager and mentor taught me. I changed how I was to improve myself and eventually became an instrument to help and inspire others.

Change for others

After I realized that the changes I made for myself became instrumental for improving myself as a person and a professional, I also realized that I was not only improving myself but others as well.


There is too much hate, divide and negativity that happened this year alone and being an addition to the negativity by lashing out on people when you’re angry or calling them names or even showing sarcasm will not help people get motivated. Instead, be a catalyst of positive change, be an inspiration by being a better version of yourself.

We are currently living in a very weird time, there is still the pandemic, disasters may still arise soon and other social and national issues that gives us negativity. A positive change within us will never hurt, and may become an inspiration to someone.

Change for yourself, so you can change for others.